Dear California Korean American Pharmacists Association Member:

Here is a step-by-step instructional sheet on how to check your Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) credits. Please save this for future reference. Please read all of this information in its entirety.

Note, as a member of CKAPhA, you are invited to attend CPE programs throughout the academic year (i.e., September-August).

If you wish to receive credit (i.e., contact hours) for attending, you can register to sign up for the programs on scheduled dates. Please check your e-mails and faxes regularly for invitations.

You may also receive credit, generally every two years, for the KAPhA.USA Symposiums if contact hours are issued for a program. Please keep posted for CPE provided at the Annual Symposiums; they are not issued every year for all programs.

It is your responsibility as a CPE activity attendee, to check the CPE Monitor website to ensure that your contact hours are issued in a timely manner. The hours should be posted by day 30 after the activity has been held.

Credit cannot be issued retroactively after July 31 of each academic year. For example, if you attend a CPE for credit hours on June 24, 2014, your hours of credit should be posted on your e-Profile Dashboard no later than July 24, 2014. If you attended, but did not check to see that your hours were posted, and it is now August 1, 2014, you will NOT receive credit for attending the program on June 24th. Errors occur in the process of posting your CPE hours of credit; it is your responsibility, however, that you check for accurate postings on the website.

It is recommended that you check periodically that all of your programs are posted onto your e-Profile in a timely manner.

Save the flyers of the programs you attend so you can keep track of what you are supposed to have received credit for. You may not ask the CPE Administrator to check which programs you have attended; this is your responsibility.

Proof of attendance will be taken at each CPE program to ensure that each attendee claiming credits is physically in attendance as he/she says. This will serve as proof of attendance to a particular program.

In addition, you must attend a minimum of 75% of the program in order to receive credit. Showing up for the last 15 minutes of a 1-hour program is unacceptable. Moreover, attending for the first 15 minutes and leaving before the program ends is unacceptable.




1. Go to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy website: (or just click CPE MONITOR banner at left hand side of home page)

Recommendation: save this website link as one of your favorites on your personal computer(s).

2. Click onto “Log in to Your e-Profile to Access CPE Monitor” It will take you to this link:

3. on the right side, under “Already have an NABP e-Profile?” enter your username and password login

4. You are now in “My e-Profile Dashboard.” Under Programs and Services, you can click onto “CPE Monitor.” 

5. Your CPE Activity will show

See attachment  for description of activity  

You can print your Transcript of CPE Activity and save as a PDF file.

Remember, as of now in California, you are required to earn 30 (thirty) hours of credit every two (2) years. These hours may be acquired in any type of Topic Designation; in the future, this may change. For example, you may be required to have 10 or your 30 hours designated under “Law” or “Clinical Application”, “Patient Safety,” etc. Keep posted for updates. For questions, please e-mail your CPE Administrator, Susie H. Park, at Thank you.