*********With potential 8 golfers from Medical Association (KAMASC& SMG), we now close the 25th SCGT RSVP with total 84 attendees. We cannot take any more reservations due to already expanded RSVP limit.

Also, we received the MOST sponsorship ($23,000) within the past 4 years! 

Thank you all vendors, sponsors, and golfers for your generous support ^^ ***************

Script Classic 



Date:   Apr. 17th, 2016. Sunday

Time:  Registration @ 11 AM 

       Lunch @ 11:30 AM 

              Tee Off  : Shotgun Start.  12:00 PM

Dinner:  5:30 PM

Place:   Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms Hotel

IKE Course





4-29폭동이 나던날 처음 시작한 Script  Classic  Golf  Tournament 올해로 25회를 맞이합니다

이 대회는 지난 12 대회 이후 수익금 전액을 가주내 한인약학대학생들의 장학기금으로 전달하는 의미있는 연례행사입니다. 따라서 모든 golfer 들은 다 참여 하셔서 다음세대를 위한 장학기금 마련에 동참하시고 지역사회 인사와, vendor 들과  우리 회원들간의 친목을 도모하는 뜻깊은 행사에 적극 참여해 주시길 부탁드립니다.


올해도 예년과 같은 장소인  PGA, LPGA 치른바 있는Pacific Palms (Industry Hills) golf club 에서 열립니다.  

올해는 McKesson Company  Title Sponsor 로서 대회를 주관합니다 . 


Fee:  Members and spouses   $100/person (include Lunch, Dinner, gift, and many more)

 Guests  $150/person 

Please send your checks to:


3810 Wilshire Blvd #1108

Los Angeles, CA 90010

RSVP and Payment due by March 25

Please post RSVP for the dinner after golf 

***** Golf 후  Dinner 참석 여부를꼭 알려주시기바랍니다***

and include each attendee's names and the total amount of check for dinner and golf.

*****There will be no dinner only payment option*****