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2020 CPhA MEMBERSHIP is only $100 for Our Pharmacy Owners!


2020 CPhA Membership Drive for CKAPhA's

CKAPhA GPO Participating Pharmacy Owner (+ EC/ADV/BOD)

Your Fee of $100 gives you CPhA membership ($350 - $250 CKAPhA Support)


CKAPhA RPh members still get a big discount from $490 to $350!


우리 협회 회원의  CPhA Membership cycle  2020 1 1일부터 12 31일까지입니다



CKAPhA discount를 받기 위해서는

1. 댓글로 본인의 CPhA ID와 약국 이름 / 본인 이름을 적어주시고

2. 아래에 첨부 되어 있는 CPhA CKAPhA Membership Application 2919.pdf 화일을 열어서 신청서를 작성

$100 check (payable to CKAPhA) 을 약사회 사무실로 보내주시기 바랍니다.

Deadline: 11/20/2019



올해도 CPhA에서 많은 일을 해내고 있습니다

작년에 Medi-Cal moratorium (Los Angeles County) 을 폐지 시키고 나서 올해도 Medi-Cal Claw-back을 막아 내고 있으며앞으로 CPAG (California Pharmacy Advocacy Group) 을 통해서 DIR fee를 제제하는 법을 만들 수 있도록 준비하고 있습니다. PBM 과는 상대도 되지 않는 적은 돈으로 CPhA는 큰 일을 하고있습니다앞으로 주의회를 통해 약사와 약국의 당연한 생존권를 되찾을 수 있도록 하는 걸음은 약사회의 많은분들이 CPhA 회원으로 가입하는 입니다.


올해도 작년과 같이 GPO-participating pharmacy owners, EC/ADV/BOD member 들에게만 $250 을 지원 해드립니다 ($100 out of pocket).


Renew 하시는 분, 처음 가입 하시는 분 모두 CPhA CKAPhA Membership Application 2019.pdf 을 작성 하셔서 check (payable to CKAPhA) 과 같이 약사회 사무실로 보내주시기 바랍니다.


CPhA membership benefits - 아래 첨부 화일을 참조 하시기 바랍니다. 



기간은 11 20 까지 입니다.





Member Benefits Flyer Updated 2020.pdf


Five Reasons to Join CPhA (CKAPhA Members).pdf


CKAPhA pharmily flyer.pdf


CPhA CKAPhA Membership Application 2020.pdf 






캘리포니아 한인 약사회 회장 김성현


2020 CPhA Membership Applicants

1. Erica Lee                   Bokjee Pharmacy

2. Mikyung Kim              Western Medical

3. Kwang Jin Hwang      Pharmacy Plus

4. Diane Kim                  K's Pharmacy

5. Shinyoung Sim          Lantana

6. Jay Shin                    Jay's Drug

7. Shun-Mi Kim             Good Morning

8. Ihn Hae Han              Han's

9. Casey S Choi            Vermont Galleria

10. EJ Gak                     Balboa

11. Misook Cho              Little Tokyo

12. Sujin Jeun                Quin's Apothecary

13. Jae Suh                    Olympic

14. Jong H Hong            Cameron

15. Kwangsun C Shin     Imperial

16. Yu Chang                  St. Helen's 

17. Yoon Chang              Beach Professional

18. Susan Yoo                HK Pharmacy

19. Michelle Na              Siloam Pharmacy

20. John Han                  Regents Pharmacy

21. Angel Lee                 Woori Pharmacy

22. James H. Lee            Blythemart 

23. James Nam              Whittier Intercomm

24. Christine Lee            Sunny Bay

25. Danielle Kim              Eastland

26. Isaac Lee                  Vermont Central Botica

27. Haesun Cho              Colorado

28. Kwangja Kim             Koam

29. Sung Yee Kim           Olive Hill

30. Hyung S Kim             Alondra

31. Christine Han            Buena Park

32. Janice Jang               Earth Village

33. Inseon Chung            New Life

34. Jamie Yi                     Hope

35. Diana Choi                 Econo

36. Jae Sung Lee             Family Care

37. Sun Hui Kim               Grace Com

38. Jay Kim                       Chino Plaza

39. Joanne Pae                Beach Medical

40. Soon Y Yim                 Eden Pharmacy

41. Kyeung S Yeh             Yeh's Pharmacy

42. Martin Kim                   Plaza

43. Jaeho Park                  Ethical Drugs

44. Nancy Cha                  Burbank

45. Jamie Park                  Zion Pharmacy

46. Olivia Kim                    HK Valley

47. Sonny Kim                   Memorial Med

48. Moon Ha                      Bestcare

49. Jeesun Cho                 UCLA Ronald Regan

50. Yung Ko                       Mariners Pharmacy

51. Joyce Lim                    Orange Grove Pharmacy

52. Andrea Park                 La Palma Pharmacy

53. Hae Roh                       Howard Drugs

54. Minah Park                   Cal Oaks

55. Grace Kwon                 Grace Pharmacy

56. Mat Jung                      St. Luke Prof

57. Janice Chang               El Camino

58. James Pai                     Key Drug

59. Min Jung Lee                Lee's Niles Drug

60. Karen Choi                    Galleria Pharmacy

61. Katie Ahn                      Sunny Bay #2

62. Sean Kim                      Kaiser Permanente

63. Connie Kang                 USC School of Pharmacy

64. Stephen Lee                 JJ Pharmacy

65. Jaein Park                     Monterey Park

66. Susie Park                    USC School of Pharmacy

67. Eddie Lee                      Vermont VO Pharmacy

68. Soyeon Kim                   Wilton Pharmacy








2020 CPhA Membership Drive


CPhA Membership fee is $100  for Group Purchase Organization (GPO) participating Pharmacy & EC, ADV, BOD members of CKAPhA.


Fee: $100 (Regular $350 - $250 CKAPhA support) 


To be eligible for this big discount, you must follow the following steps via CKAPhA website.



1. You must post your name and CPhA ID below as a comment.


2. Fill out the application form that's attached below.

CPhA CAKPhA Membership Application 2019.pdf


3. Send the application with $100 check (payable to CKAPhA) to CKAPhA office:

3810 Wilshire Blvd #1108, Los Angeles, CA 90010








Thank you.

Sean Kim, President



Member Benefits Flyer Updated 2020.pdf


Five Reasons to Join CPhA (CKAPhA Members).pdf


CKAPhA pharmily flyer.pdf


CPhA CKAPhA Membership Application 2020.pdf


CPhA Member Benefits




As you consider your financing needs to start a new

entrepreneurial endeavor, expand your pharmacy practice,

acquire more locations, or purchase equipment, consider

contacting First Financial Bank, First Financial Bank can

customize their services, offer competitive rates, and provide

flexible terms to help you achieve your goals.




CPhA has developed various resources for members to

utilize when learning more about a pharmacist’s scope of




The CPhA-sponsored program through Mercer provides

members protection against damages that may arise from

claims alleging: errors or omissions, negligence, breach of

duty, and misleading statements.



Connect talent with opportunity in the CPhA Career Center.

Whether you are looking to hire or post a job vacancy, we

have you covered!



With RxTran, pharmacies can communicate drug label safety

information more quickly and effectively to patients with

limited command of the English language. CPhA members

are provided complimentary signage and discounted

translation services.



AMSEC’s complete line of Narcotic safes offer a great solution

for keeping your high-value, high-target medications and

facility safe from the devastating occurrence of a robbery,

burglary or internal theft. A discount of 40% for CPhA members.




The insurance partners of the California Pharmacists

Association, Mercer and Berkshire Hathaway GUARD, have

developed a customized business owners package program

that provides the stability and flexibility of pharmacy owners

need today.



CPL has represented individuals and entities licensed and

regulated by the Board of Pharmacy, the Department of

Health Care Services, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and

the FDA in all matters relating to compliance, regulations,

disciplinary actions, license, permits, and audits. Discounted

services for CPhA members.



The CPhA-sponsored program through Mercer helps

members purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their




When the PassAssured program is successfully

completed, technician students will be fully prepared to

pass the national certifying exam. Discounted program rate for CPhA members.