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  • Prior to furnishing self-administered hormonal contraception, pharmacists who participate in this protocol must have completed a minimum of one hour of a Board-Approved continuing education program.
  • Prior to furnishing prescription nicotine replacement products, pharmacists who participate in this protocol must have completed a minimum of two hours of an approved continuing education program.
  • Prior to furnishing naloxone hydrochloride, pharmacists who use this protocol must have successfully completed a minimum of one hour of an approved continuing education program.

CE: Hormonal Contraception, Smoking Cessation, and Naloxone

May 14th Sat. 2016,


Registration Opens at 3:00 PM

( Dinner will be provided @6:00)


Garden Suites Hotel

(681 S. Western Ave. L.A., CA  90005)

오는 5/14 일 토요일, 우리 회원들만의 Training Program을 준비 했으니 모든 약사님들은 이 기회를 놓치지 마시기바랍니다 

Fee $100 for CKAPhA Member Only (Association will pay the balance)

Please send your checks to CKAPhA: 3810 Wilshire Blvd #1108 L.A. CA, 90010

Due to popular demand, we increased the seating to 90.

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Please post your RSVP ASAP.