CPHA West Coast Pharmacy Exchange occurred from April 28th to May1st, 2016.  I was fortunate enough to attend along with Alex and Connie Kang from the EC.

From this experience I learned a lot about the future of pharmacy and how we can contribute.  CPHA has been actively involved in California legislature and has numerous contacts within the House of Representatives and Congress.  They are now the premier association to be involved in due to their recent steps in assuring a positive future for pharmacy in California. 

As all CKAPhA members know, CPHA has been instrumental in SBP492 and pharmacists becoming recognized as providers.  Now they are taking steps to implement provider status with CE trainings in Smoking Cessation, Travel Medicine, Birth Control and Naloxone furnishing which most CKAPhA members have been trained in. 

Even now there are other legislative issues that we need to focus on .  CPHA is working on increasing the dispensing fee for Medi-Cal.  This is being done through a survey which will be sent out to all pharmacies in California who bill Medi-cal.  CPHA is also working behind the scenes on improving the pharmacists to technician ratio, which has not changed in a long time and needs updating. 

Recently Lynn Carman sent out an email regarding the Medical Defense Fund (MDF) and how the Supreme Court ruled that Medicaid beneficiaries and providers cannot sue state officials to enforce the Medicaid Act.  Therefore MDF can no longer sue the state regarding Medicaid Act issues.  This now means CPHA is the only organization with the man-power and expertise to continue fighting the battle for pharmacy in Sacramento.  I urge all CKPhA members to donate to CPHA-PAC (Political Action Committee).  I personally donated $1000 on behalf of Garfield Pharmacy while I was at CPHA West Coast Exchange.

Also from attending the CPHA Conference, I was able to foster better relationships with Jon Roth, Sarah McBane, Mike Overton, Brian Warren and other important staff at CPHA.  Mike Overton is working to provide a discount to CKPhA pharmacy owners on registration for next years West Coast Pharmacy Exchange in Palm Springs February 23-26, 2017.  Jon Roth has been emailing me regulary and requesting feedback on important items that affect pharmacy owners everyday. 

I am working with Jon Roth now to make changes and improve the Medical survey that will be sent to California pharmacies which will in turn affect out Medi-cal dispensing fee.  Any pharmacies interested and willing to contribute please email me at garfieldrxpharmacy@gmail.com.  A link to the draft survey and the survey instructions is here:  


Thank you

Sam Lee

Garfield Prescription Pharmacy

Stocker Rx Pharmacy