Subject: RE: DHCS Pharmacy Update - 10% Payment Reductions

To all,
Actually, I am getting reports back that the Exempt Drugs list, attached,
does not include many or most of the Medi-Cal Drug Formulary Drugs.

This was one of the purposes for sending this MDF Bulletin out: to see if the
List of Exempt Drugs really includes all the drugs that DHCS says it includes.
Also, there are actually two lists.
DHCS, without any official announcement, put up a list on its website on
December 18, 2013which did, at that time, our consulting pharmacies told us,
included most of the Drug Formulary drugs.
Now, DHCS, on Jan. 7, 2014, has posted a new list of Exempt Drugs. 
So I will now recheck to see if they have eliminated some of the
drug products, on the list DHCS put on its website on Jan. 7, 2014,
 -- as compared with the Exempt Drugs List it posted on Dec. 18, 2013,
(for which we have a copy, also).
All comments are requested, because this is how we find out
what the facts are, compared to what DHCS says the facts are.

Lynn S. Carman
Chief Counsel
Medicaid Defense Fund