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빠르면 올해 말이나 내년부터 시작하는 새로운 high-risk patient Comprehensive Medication Management reimbursement system에 참가하기 위해서 꼭 필요한 설문조사라고 합니다.


California Right Meds




LA Care Health Plan, in partnership with USC School of Pharmacy, is recruiting high performing pharmacies to participate in the California Right Meds Collaborative (CRMC).


The goal of CRMC is to prepare pharmacists to initiate or advance Comprehensive Medication Management* (CMM; see the definition below) services for high-risk patients in alignment with health payer priorities. USC has developed a value-based payment model that is currently being launched, and we hope to spread that model across Los Angeles County.


To help advance CRMC in Los Angeles County, we ask you to complete the following 5-minute survey to assess readiness and willingness. Responses are needed by Monday, July 22.


Thank you for your participation. Please contact with any questions.


Type in the following link below:


Scan this QR code to take this survey on your mobile device.


Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) is a standard of care that ensures each patient’s medications (prescription, nonprescription, alternative, traditional, vitamins, and nutritional supplements) are individually assessed to determine the medication is appropriate, effective for the medical condition, safe given the comorbidities and other medications being taken, and the patient is able and willing to take the medicine as intended. This excludes medication therapy management (MTM) services such as Part D MTM services, travel clinic, health screenings, etc.


The CMM model rests on the principles of the Chronic Care Model and ensures access to high quality, team-cased care to improve the health of people with chronic illness. Pharmacists can improve health outcomes for high-risk patients while decreasing health care costs by providing CMM to their patients. Value-based payment models can be employed to fund and incentive these expanded functions of pharmacists.


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