Good Afternoon,
The court hearing for the CPhA lawsuit against the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is scheduled for August 30th in Oakland, CA. The State recently submitted their reply to the lawsuit and as expected are claiming that "no actual harm has occurred as a result of the clawbacks and new reimbursement rates."
The Attorneys Need Your Help!
CPhA will have one opportunity to submit additional testimony to the court demonstrating the impact of the clawbacks and new lower rates. We must show the court that actual harm has occurred to patients in order to have a chance at winning the injunction. We need your help rounding up declarations from patients have been denied access to specialty medications to prove to the court that the impact is real. We also need declarations from pharmacies who have already stopped providing specialty medications to patients as a result of the new rates and/or clawbacks.
Take Action!
Please return the form below for patients and yourself if you've experience either of these situations. Taking legal action against the State of California requires compiling testimonials from Medi-Cal patients that are directly impacted by the Medi-Cal NADAC reductions. Please talk to patients about providing a declaration and ask them to complete the interest form below. Once submitted, your form will be sent to CPhA's attorneys, Hooper Lundy & Bookman, who will contact you for more information.
You can also find the Patient Declaration at on right hand column of page by clicking on the orange button labeled "Patient Declaration." If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to our Coalition Manager, Nick Chiappe at
Thank you,

California Pharmacists Association