47 Pharmacies Signed Up

10th Free Flu Vaccination Campaign 

October 11th, 2019 (Fri) at 10 AM

 (Please scroll down for ENGLISH VERSION)


2019년 10월 11일, 금요일 오전 10시에 시작하는 무료 백신 캠페인에 참여하실 약국은 아래에 댓글로 약국 이름, 주소, 전화 번호를 올려주시기 바랍니다. 

9/20/19 까지 올려주시기를 바랍니다


The Reimbursement Form that needs to be sent in after the Free Flu Vaccination Campaign and also Campaign Flyer in Spanish & English versions are attached.


1. 무료 백신 캠페인에 참가하는 약국들은 (18세 이상) 30명까지 (up to 30 X $15 = $450) 비용을 약사회에서 돌려드립니다.(백신 오더하신 INVOICE 를 협회로 Fax 하셔야합니다)

 행사에 참가한 환자들의 이름전화번호접종 날짜와 시간을 기록한 list와 백신 오더한 INVOICE 를 약사회 사무실 Fax 로 보내주셔야 합니다

Fax 213-383-3129 and/or email ckapha4@gmail.com (latest by 9/30/19)


2. 2019 10 4(금요일) 12:00 PM 기자회견후에 10월5(토요일) 미주 한국일보중앙일보  참여약국 full page 광고가 나갑니다.


3. 광고에 나간 모든 약국은 반드시 참여하셔야 합니다 (No excuses).

참가하는 약국만 up to 30 X $15= $450 reimbursement 를 받을수있습니다.

올해도  "아침 10시부터 30 선착순, 18세 이상 성인만으로 광고가 나갑니다.

그러므로 미리 예약은 받지 마시기 바랍니다 (선착순입니다)


4. 내 약국에서 30명이 넘으면 다른 약국으로 refer 주시기바랍니다.

(Do not turn PATIENTS away. Refer to another pharmacy, please!)

FLYER ENG 10th Annual Free Flu Campaign.docx

FLYER SPANISH 10th Annual Flu Campaign.docx

Patient List 2019 Free Flu Vaccine Campaign.xlsx


Participating Pharmacies:

1. Be Well                                    Invoice Rcvd

2. Virgil                                        Invoice Rcvd

3. Vermont Galleria                     Invoice Rcvd

4. JJ's Pharmacy                         Invoice Rcvd

5. Alondra                                    Invoice Rcvd

6. Buena Park                             Invoice Rcvd

7. Howard Drugs                         Invoice Rcvd

8. K's Pharmacy                          Invoice Rcvd

9. Lee's Discount Drugs              Invoice Rcvd

10. Good Morning                       Invoice Rcvd

11. Lantana                                 Invoice Rcvd

12. Jay's Drug                             Invoice Rcvd

13. Western Medical                   Invoice Rcvd

14. Olympic                                 Invoice Rcvd

15. Cal Oaks                               Invoice Rcvd

16. Cal Oaks III                           Invoice Rcvd

17. Econo Pharmacy                  Invoice Rcvd

18. Eden Pharmacy                    Invoice Rcvd

19. The Medicine Shoppe           Invoice Rcvd

20. Eastland Pharmacy               Invoice Rcvd

21. Plaza Pharmacy                    Invoice Rcvd

22. KT Plaza Pharmacy              Invoice Rcvd

23. Zion Pharmacy                      Invoice Rcvd

24. Bestcare Pharmacy               Invoice Rcvd

25. Blythe Mart Pharmacy           Invoice Rcvd

26. HK Pharmacy                        Invoice Rcvd

27. Vermont VO Pharmacy          Invoice Rcvd

28. Galleria Pharmacy                 Invoice Rcvd

29. New Life Pharmacy               Invoice Rcvd

30. Fullerton Medical Pharmacy  Invoice Rcvd

31. Shyn's Pharmacy

32. Beach Medical Pharmacy      Invoice Rcvd

33. West Valley Pharmacy           Invoice Rcvd

34. Mother's Care Pharmacy       Invoice Rcvd

35. Chino Plaza Pharmacy          Invoice Rcvd

36. Caremax Pharmacy               Invoice Rcvd

37. Whittier Intercom Pharm        Invoice Rcvd

38. Woori Pharmacy                    Invoice Rcvd

39. LA Drugs

40. Cerritos Medical                    Invoice Rcvd

41. Grace Pharmacy                   Invoice Rcvd

42. Caremax #4 Pharmacy         Invoice Rcvd

43. PCH Medical Pharmacy        Invoice Rcvd

44. Echo Park Pharmacy            Invoice Rcvd

45. Cameron Pharmacy              Invoice Rcvd

46. Grace Community Pharm     Invoice Rcvd

47. My Town Pharmacy              Invoice Rcvd

48. Wow Pharmacy                     Invoice Rcvd

49. Colorado Medical Pharm      Invoice Rcvd


10th Free Flu Vaccination Campaign

October 11th, 2019 (Fri) at 10 AM

Please post your pharmacy name, address and phone number if your pharmacy would like to participate in the 2019 Campaign. LATEST BY 9/20/19


The Reimbursement Form that needs to be sent in after the Free Flu Vaccination Campaign and also Campaign Flyer in Spanish & English versions are attached.


Reminders for the Participating Pharmacies in the Free Flu Vaccination Campaign:

1.  Maximum reimbursement: Up to 3 boxes (up to $15 X 30 = $450) with the proof of PURCHASE INVOICE and service  (Patient's name, phone number and time of injection must be faxed to CKAPhA office). Fax 213-383-3129; email ckapha4@gmail.com (latest by 9/30/19)

2. We will have a News Conference with Korea Times and Korea Daily on 10/4/19 (Fri) at 12 Noon.   

3. Full Page advertisement will go out on 10/5/19 (Sat) with Korea Times and Korea Daily with the list of participating pharmacies (AD with the list of the pharmacies will be posted). 

    Advertisement will include "18 years and older"

4. Pharmacies listed on the full page AD (Korea Times and Korea Daily) MUST participate in FREE Vaccination Campaign on 10/11/19 (Fri).  NO EXCUSES!!

5. DO NOT take reservations for the Free Vaccination Campaign. First come first served. Thirty patients starting at 10:00 AM. If you get more than 30 patients, please refer to another pharmacy, and please, DO NOT TURN PATIENTS AWAY!


Thank you!


Sean Kim, Pharm.D

CKAPhA President