FROM: California State Board of Pharmacy 

8:54 AM (37 minutes ago)
Beware of scammers!

Pharmacies recently have reported receiving calls from suspicious individuals claiming to be from the California State Board of Pharmacy. The fraudulent callers requested information related to the pharmacies' licenses or DEA registrations.

In previous cases, some callers falsely claimed a licensee was under investigation by the Board, the DEA, or another government agency. The callers also warned some licensees of discipline unless they paid a "fine" and cautioned licensees not to report the call to anyone "or else you will jeopardize the investigation."

These calls are scams - attempts to extort information or money from licensees. The Board of Pharmacy has issued several warnings about scam alerts. The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) also has reported attempted fraud schemes targeting licensees

The security of licensees is an important matter. If you have doubts or any questions about the identity of a caller claiming to be a Board inspector or other staff member, contact the Board at (916) 518-3100. For additional tips, review information regarding Scam Calls Alert under "Important Information for Licensees" on the homepage at the Board's website,