*** VACCINATION BILLING을 위해서는 BILLING SOLUTION이 필요하다 하는데 CARDINAL PROGRAM 과 비교해 보시기 바랍니다...   저희는 OMNISYS를 사용하고 있습니다만....


·       CARDINAL Medical Benefits Billing SERVICE

·       Base - $0.75 per claim or $1.25 per claim with a $30 minimum for the month

·       Plus - $99 per month, plus per claim fees

I’ve also attached the comparison sheet for the base vs. advance features if you’d like to learn more:)

  • Level 1 Claim-$0.75 per claim
    • Includes: Claim captured through the pharmacy management system and additional elements are not required (ex: prior authorization). Includes secondary claims that do not automatically cross over to secondary payer.
  • Level 2 Claim-$1.25 per claim
    • Includes: Claims that requires additional documentation before the claim can be submitted to the payer.
  • Advanced services- $99 per month
    • Automated secondary billings
    • Automated rental billings

The Medical Benefit Billing solution enables you to bill, track and reconcile medical benefit claims in real time and is integrated with the Central Pay and Reconciliation portal providing a consolidated view of pharmacy and medical benefits claims.  Additionally, Cardinal Health’s help desk can walk pharmacies through billing claims, even if it is a new item the pharmacy hasn’t billed for.  Pharmacies can also call the medical billing help desk for assistance with billing. 

I would recommend the Base Services offering if you are not sure about what your claim volume would be and then upgrade the Advanced if you need more support with secondary claims and/or will have a large amount of claims coming through and need some other assistance.  An example of this would be automated Monthly Rental’s for large quantities of Durable Medical Equipment ordering.  Plus would automate this monthly rental process as well as provide Secondary Claim Support if you do a lot of secondary claim billing to the customers Secondary insurance or if you need to bill customers directly.


Please let me know your thoughts and/or if you’d like to move forward. Thank you so much!